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Chrome OS camera analyzer tool not available to many

Two weeks ago, Google rolled out the latest Chrome OS update for 2022. Chrome OS 96 is the last update before moving to the shorter 4-week update cycle for Chrome OS. Shortly after the update, amid reports of Android app issues, the update was temporarily halted while a fix was concocted. Unfortunately, along with the Play Store bug squashed, another issue has surfaced with one of Chrome OS’ latest features and it seems to be affecting a wide range of users.

While many may have overlooked this new feature in Chrome OS 96, the addition of the camera app’s ability to scan documents seems like a very popular new tool. The popularity of the new scan tool is reflected in the numerous Chromebook forum posts by users who are aggravated by the fact that some devices seem to lack the scan feature. Here is one of those messages.


I demonstrated the new camera scanning feature on Chromebook to students at our school with the goal of getting them to submit readable online work. Over the next few days, a number of students told me that they didn’t have this feature as an option in their camera. We tried updating their Chromebook, but that didn’t fix the problem.
Has anyone else encountered this problem? Is the scan feature only available on specific Chromebooks, not universal?

Chromebook Support Forum

To clarify, this is not the scanning app that rolled out with Chrome OS 90. This tool allows users to scan from compatible wireless printers. This scan tool is actually built into the Chrome OS camera app and lets you scan documents the same way you can scan documents into Google Drive on your phone. (That’s one thing, by the way. If you don’t use it, you should. We use it for all our receipts and it makes it easy to track purchases and expenses.) Multiple Chromebook users – managed devices and personal – state that the scanning function is simply not present in the camera application.

A Google product expert noted that his devices were experiencing the same issues with two newer Chromebooks that had the scan tool, while two older devices lacked the feature. It’s unclear, at this point, what the common denominator is here or how widespread the bug might be. In the end, it may come down to something as simple as some devices just don’t support the feature yet. Either way, the use cases for the scan tool seem to be bigger than I would have imagined and users are eagerly awaiting a response and a fix from Google. Hopefully an incremental update will arrive soon to alleviate this hiccup. You can follow the support thread here.


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