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Computed tomography, MRI machines broken down in TMC: La Tribune India

Ravinder Sood

Palampur, December 7

An MRI machine has been out of order at Tanda Medical School for a week, causing inconvenience to patients. The TMC is the second largest medical institution in the state, serving the needs of patients in six districts.

The CT machine has already been non-functional for 11 months, which affects teaching and research work.

Information reveals that 15 to 20 patients are referred daily to private radiology centers for MRI reports.

Sources said the government had taken no steps to repair the machine, despite several complaints filed by doctors, patients and their attendants.

Meanwhile, the TMC also made no other arrangements to deal with the situation. Taking advantage of this, the private centers have improved the prices and skin the poor patients.

In TMC, CT and MRI tests are done for Rs 2,200 and Rs 5,000 while in private radiology centers patients are required to pay Rs 5,000 and 8,500 per test.

A senior doctor said it would take a week for the repair of the MRI machine. As for the CT machine, a new one would be purchased. The TMC has started the process and new machines will be installed soon.

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