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Download HP Smart for PC (free)

HP Smart for PC will help you get the most out of your HP printer. Thanks to the free application that we make available to you here, you will be able to scan, edit, optimize, fax, share, and more very easily in a single dedicated application.

Main characteristics

With the HP Smart app, you can perform a multitude of tasks from your computer:

  • Scan quickly: HP Smart lets you scan or import existing files from your PC in seconds, and the app will automatically optimize the document in case you want to print it too.
  • Customize documents: Once scanned or imported, you can customize your document by adding filters and texts, cropping images, adjusting saturation, contrast and brightness. Once done, you can export it to PDF or various image formats such as JPG.
  • Share instantly: You can securely share your files with friends, family, or co-workers as you wish, such as emailing them or saving them to your dedicated cloud storage directly from your PC.
  • Fax: HP Smart lets you easily send secure faxes from the app.
  • Manage resources: Since your HP printer is linked to HP Smart, you can even order the supplies your printer needs, such as ink cartridges, toner or paper, and more. A support center is also available directly from the application.
  • Unlimited: You can manage and print documents on your printer using any network connection
  • Be more productive: With One-Touch Shortcuts (formerly Smart Tasks), it will simplify your tasks and save you a lot of time.
  • Create, together Printables will also give you access to hundreds of printable cards, crafts, and free learning activities.

How does HP Smart work?

First, download, install and start the free HP Smart software we provide at the top of the page. Next, you must configure and authorize HP Smart to access your computer. You can also choose whether or not to send data to HP to help them improve the product.

Then you can sign in using an existing HP account or create a new one and enjoy all the features. The account step is optional, so it’s up to you. Go ahead and connect your HP printer to your wiki via WiFi, and you’ll need to connect both devices to the same network (you may need to configure your printer manually). If that doesn’t work, you can also enter the printer’s IP address in the app (it’s available on your printer).

Once done, you can start using the software immediately. If you need help using HP Smart, the app offers step-by-step help via a visual assistant. To access it, click on the Help and Support option on the main panel.

It’s free?

You can use HP Smart completely free.

Is it safe?

HP Smart is an official HP app with no history of reported data leaks or malware. It also gives you the option whether or not to share your usage data with the developer.

Required configuration

You must have an HP printer to start using HP Smart, along with the following requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 8.1 or 10 (version 17134.0. or later)
  • Storage: 2 GB of available space
  • Network: Internet connection

Other systems

HP Smart is also available for macOS, iOS and android.

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