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Game Room Ideas: Game Setup Ideas to Help Create Paradise

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Some of us here at WePC (without naming names) have played on, what many would call, a sub-par configuration for a while. We too aspire to greatness in the gaming room ideas below, but when your desk isn’t even big enough for the mouse pad, what luck do you have? Setups are nothing new here, we’ve already gone through some of the best gaming setups, some minimal, some overdone, and the occasional trash. There are so many game room ideas available online now that you can find plenty of inspiration in just a few clicks, with high end and cheap game setup ideas pasted all over message boards, social media and YouTube.

This article won’t make any recommendations, but it will offer some motivation for gamers looking to spice up their current setup or those new to PC gaming entirely. We’ll go through the ultimate gaming setup, color game setups, console gaming setups, down to the downright rotten.

Out of game room ideas?

For many, the arcade is seen as their safe space, a palace, an escape from the outdoors, so a little planning and coordination to make sure it’s perfect can go a long way.

Weigh what you already have and start breaking down what you actually need. If you have a small budget, you can start small and grow your gaming setup until your idea comes to fruition.

There are some essentials for the game room setup, such as a desk, chair, monitor, and gaming PC. Other items, such as mood lighting, artwork, multi-displays -screens are late game.

Consider These Three Things Before Bringing These Ideas to Life

We’ve mentioned it before and we’ll probably mention it again, but your budget is one of the most important aspects to consider before we get carried away with our ideas. How far you can push your setup depends on how much you can spend on it, however, there’s no right answer and we’ve seen wonderful results on a shoestring budget.

The most common problem that many face is a limited amount of space. Small designated rooms that have been turned into an “office” or even a bedroom are often cramped. A great way to combat space issues is with the perfect gaming desk. Desks come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so be sure to get out your tape measure and find the one that best suits your needs.

Compromise are something you may need to deal with. Depending on your budget and space, you may need to make some sacrifices to bring your setup idea to fruition. You never know, some compromises can bring monetary benefits and can often speed up the decision-making process, with a limited choice of options.

Great gaming setup ideas can help you save money

What’s considered “good” is largely subjective and it’s entirely possible to create a fantastic gaming setup inexpensively. Money doesn’t get you the best, it only helps, so if you get creative with your ideas and spending, you can have a gaming setup as good as one of the best, for less.

For those who can’t find suitable second-hand furniture in the charity shop, is there still IKEA? Incorporating an IKEA gaming desk into your setup could save you a few pennies without ruining the overall aesthetic.

What gaming setup accessories do you need?

Assuming you already know the primary gear you need (mouse, headset, keyboard, mousepad, monitor, and chair), there are several other nice-to-have items that will enhance your gaming experience while rounding out your setup.

A mouse rubber band is somewhat considered essential unless you’re using a wireless mouse and you can also get those little treats with RGB, meaning there’s likely a rubber band out there that will match your setup ideas.

A headset stand is a bit of a luxury, there’s nothing wrong with tossing it on the desk when finished, however, the stand unquestionably cleans things up and is an absolute must for anyone looking for a minimalist gaming setup .

If you plan to stream, you might want to include a streaming deck and standalone microphone.

Many will incorporate their console or a huge TV into their setup for games that you can sit back, relax and play with a controller. If you’re not a console gamer or don’t have a PC-compatible pad, you should choose one for your setup.

Can you turn a bedroom into a bedroom game setup?

In short, yes. It largely depends on the space, however, with innovative space saving ideas, you can run a loft bed gaming setup and no one need miss out. For those with medium-sized bedrooms, a corner desk or an L-shaped desk setup might be ideal. For everyone else where space isn’t an issue, you really can go to town and create your dream setup, bank balance permitting.

Take your setup to the corner and immerse yourself completely.

L-shaped desks offer the flexibility to sit in the middle, use the space for a TV and console setup, or even a his and hers setup if desired.

If you’re already short on bedroom space, you can always turn your loft bed into a gaming HQ.

Console Game Room Ideas

All of this may seem a bit cumbersome for the PC at the moment, but these setup ideas can also be easily adapted to your console. Whether you’re a PS4/PS5 gamer, Xbox One/Xbox Series S/X gamer, or just living the retro life, you can turn any place into a gamer’s paradise.

Source: Maccagames

Simplistic, clean, white, however, a somewhat familiar theme.

OTT on PlayStation?

A dream playroom?

If there is a significant amount of panels, audio equipment and hardware, it is certainly expensive.

Color combinations bring playrooms to life

Players tend to like to go above and beyond or stick to a basic color scheme. Color coding everything from your internal components on the PC to your peripherals, cables, and lights can go a long way in making your gaming setup look amazing.

Clarity, sharpness and superb contrast.

Pink or even rose gold is a bit of an acquired taste, could you pull off something so daring?

pink gaming setup
Source: cinna_bun_ on Reddit

White game rooms often look amazing, especially with a little lighting thrown into the mix. Is there a cleaner color palette? We do not think so.

white game setup

For the select few who really like this as a game room idea, take note.

Obtain a beautiful bluish tint. Prepare to take them to the farmer’s market.

The gaming mouse might look a bit dodgy, however, the commitment to the red color scheme demands respect.

The combination of these colors, popularized by a certain villain, has never looked so good.

A bad game room idea?

Creative and quite ergonomic but it is enough to already buy a desk. Cue blooper reel.

bad game setup

An image almost as old as the internet itself. Real or not, this is certainly disgusting and a warning to all.

cursed game setup min
Source: Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY

A three-monitor setup still looks good

The more monitors the better, right? Even if you are a gaming monitor monogamist, you have to agree that a triple or even dual monitor setup is the right way to go.

triple-monitor gaming setup
Source: _Mr_Zebra_

This wouldn’t really be an article about game room ideas without some form of anime.

There are a lot of clichés about this type of setup, so let’s ignore them and focus on this sweet, sweet mini fridge.

sound and game setup
Source: Zmanvii

Last word

There are endless ideas for game rooms, the majority being somewhat affordable. Creating your own game room setup is very simple, start with a neat and clean environment and build it from there. Of course, the more room you have for your ideas, the better, but as we’ve seen in this article, even when you’re short on space, you can still form something quite spectacular.

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