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How to scan to iCloud Drive or local storage on iPhone

Apple added a scan feature to its Notes app with iOS 11 several years ago. However, there is also an option to scan documents directly to iCloud Drive. Find out how to quickly scan to iCloud Drive or your local storage on iPhone.

Apple’s scan feature built into the Notes app on iOS and iPadOS is handy, but if your goal is to get the scanned files to iCloud Drive or save them to a local folder, there is a faster way to do it.

The Files app has analytics integration just like the Notes app, but it just happens to be a bit more hidden.

iPhone: How to Scan Directly to iCloud Drive or Local Storage

  • Open the Files app on iPhone
  • Select the Browse tab at the bottom> iCloud Drive if it is not already selected
    • Alternatively, you can select “On my iPhone” if you want to save directly to local storage
  • Tap the blue circle with three dots in the upper right corner
  • Choose Scan Documents
  • Scan your documents, tap Keep after each page
    • You can use the automatic capture option by bringing your document into the viewfinder or use the shutter button to capture the scan
    • If necessary, drag to adjust the corners of the scan
  • Tap Save when you’re done scanning all of your pages in the lower right corner

Here’s what it looks like to access the feature in the Files app:

 How to scan

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