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HP Fires Up, HP Smart, a productivity app for work and learning – Manila Bulletin

With the advent of technology, people have taken their schools and businesses to different devices. Whether they’re back in the office or continuing to telecommute, work flow is of great importance to people who are exploring practical and efficient ways to accomplish their daily tasks.

One of the most crucial things when it comes to work operations is having access to a printer. Although the digital route presents everything online, physical documents and other communication media are still encouraged in daily work processes.

Printers remain an integral part of work and education. And although they are usually interfaced with a PC, the use of a feature-rich application accessible on multiple devices is a way for professionals and students to promote ease of work.

The HP Smart app has a ton of productivity features designed to streamline workflows in all kinds of configurations. It allows users to print, scan and share documents with their HP printer using only their Android and Apple iOS mobile devices. By putting all the tools they need right at their fingertips, HP enables people to be more productive anytime, anywhere, enabling them to take advantage of efficient mobile printing solutions.

They can configure and manage their HP printer settings directly from the HP Smart app, as well as monitor their ink levels and printer status. They can also share photos and files with their friends and colleagues directly from their mobile device, or simply store them in the cloud.

Knowing how professionals and students use creative images and other visual aids, the HP Smart app also allows users to edit, enhance, and colorize photos using various adjustment controls. This way, they can get the most out of the superior quality of HP printers when it comes to accurately printing fade-resistant photographs. And, by making work tasks much more convenient wherever they are, the HP Smart app also allows users to use their smartphone’s camera to create high-quality scans. These files can then be previewed, edited, and shared with other applications, making it easy to be consistently productive even on the go.

Keypoint Intelligence analysts have found the HP Smart app to be an intuitive and flexible tool for streamlining workflows with its powerful features and superior usability. “The HP Smart app has a more powerful feature set and even better usability. The result is a top notch printing application compared to the tested competitors. “

With the mobile printing options provided by the HP Smart app, professionals and students can be more dynamic and productive as they take advantage of all the features of an HP printer, all in one convenient mobile app. Download the HP Smart app now, available on Google Play and the App Store.



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