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HP Hotkey UWP service consumes memory on some Windows 11 laptops

Some laptop owners upgrading to Windows 11 are reporting that a utility from HP is consuming huge amounts of RAM, to the point that systems are rendered unusable.

The utility in question is the HP Hotkey UWP service which is used to control the Fn key on HP laptops. While the software worked fine on Windows 10, upgrading to Windows 11 results in huge resource usage. Affected users ask if there is a problem with Windows 11, or with their laptop, but it seems more likely that a memory leak is to blame.

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There are complaints from laptop owners about the HP support forums, as well as on other sites. The problem is not new, with users claiming that it has been a problem since at least December last year. Despite the passage of time, HP has not yet confirmed the existence of a problem or offered a solution.

A user said that on his laptop with 64 GB of RAM, the HP Hotkey UWP service used an incredible 49 GB. Since it is an HP service, only HP laptops are affected, but the HP Zbook 15 is mentioned quite frequently.

While most of the people who complain about the problem say that it started after upgrading to Windows 11, there are also some for whom the problems started after installing Windows 10 21H2.

Various solutions have been suggested by affected users in the absence of anything official from HP. While delaying the loading of this particular service works for some people, the most reliable fix suggested so far seems to be to revert to version of the HP-LAN/WLAN/WWAN Switching and Hot Key Service driver.

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