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HP launches Microsoft subscription management, cloud-based configuration services

HP announced several new services to meet growing business computing needs, including the demand for monthly payment models and a new subscription management service for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft cloud services.

According to HP, HP’s new subscription management service manages licenses for Microsoft 365 and other Microsoft cloud subscription services, enabling businesses to make software investment decisions “based on trusted intelligence from labor “.

The service, designed for small and midsize businesses, provides online visibility into software analysis and usage by user, department, or geography, making it easier for IT teams to modify and adapt software. subscriptions as needed.

The service also benefits channel partners, providing them with a one-stop cloud solution to enable them to sell Microsoft 365 and the full portfolio of Microsoft cloud subscriptions to customers, along with added value from HP, such as the license analysis and partner assistance.

The company says the service also helps businesses reduce costs and overhead while increasing security and compliance, with the ability to increase or decrease licenses with pay-per-view subscription options and ability to secure their workforce wherever they work with the cloud. health and safety checks.

The HP subscription management service will be available in the United States in the first quarter of 2022 and parts of Europe and South America later this year.

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Other services HP announced include HP Enablement Service for Windows Autopilot, which is designed to help IT teams transition from traditional Windows PC image deployment to cloud-based device configuration.

HP calls this a more streamlined, faster way to provision new Windows 10 or 11 devices by taking a modern cloud-based approach with Windows Autopilot.

HP experts will assess a customer’s device management practices and design and implement Windows Autopilot in their IT environment so that the customer can benefit from cloud-based automation. This service is available now, according to HP.

The company also announced HP Proactive Insights Experience Management, a new managed service designed to make it easy for IT teams to assess employee feelings and perceptions in the context of their IT environment.

This is a collaboration with digital employee experience management software company Nexthink that aims to give IT managers insight into the digital employee experience in the IT ecosystem through customer analysis. ‘AI and the benchmarking of employee sentiment.

HP Proactive Insights Experience Management is expected to be available in the United States, Canada and Europe by the end of the year.

The company is also adding new features to HP Proactive Insights designed for small and medium-sized businesses, including new security, system stability and performance optimization features through automatic BIOS updates and incident management, all integrated with HP’s fleet monitoring solution.

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