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HP Smart Install blocked, no longer installs

A longtime Buzzblog reader, who prefers to remain anonymous, sent me this in an email a few days ago:

“I just opened an HP LaserJet M401dne. It came with a note that said Smart Install was disabled and told me to

The bad news, delivered in 30 different languages, was the “top sheet (of paper) as I found it ready to use”, explains the IT manager.

At the HP link we are told:

Smart Install is technology developed by HP that has been designed to simplify installation of printer software. Due to the difficulty of upgrading the Smart Install software files on the printer, HP has disabled the Smart Install option and recommends downloading and installing the software from the HP support website for the software. latest for your printer.

This is followed by an 8-step process for downloading and installing the printer software from the HP website, with no steps involving Smart Install, which has been around since 2010.

“It was designed to SIMPLIFY. But it was too DIFFICULT. So they DEACTIVATED it, ”writes our reader (emphasis added).

HP has an FAQ on their site that describes a host of benefits provided by Smart Install, or at least those provided by Smart Install.

And you don’t need to watch this demo video to understand the magic of smart installation, because I can tell you that the whole thing is only a minute and five seconds long.

So what happened?

An HP public relations professional informs me by email that she is trying to get more information.

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