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Mustang traded for LS loses 8-turbocharged configuration and makes 900 horsepower before disaster

The 8-turbocharged Mustang managed to get a lot of international attention for Kyle’s plans, but it failed to deliver race-worthy performance. Kyle managed to put out 737 horsepower and 590 lb-ft (800 Nm) of torque when he brought it to the test bench, but that wasn’t going to be enough for him to run a decent time on the drag strip. . And so he decided to go back to a big single turbo setup, in search of a new personal best.

The best performance this car has ever achieved was an 8.63 second quarter mile (402 meter) run, and it should be quite interesting to see Kyle try to beat that. He has worked hard since deciding to change the car, and just two weeks ago he started the car for the first time. It’s inspiring and enlightening to watch him do so much manufacturing work, finding solutions to every little problem along the way.

In preparation for the first race of the year, the car also received a new set of Mickey Thompson Street Radial Pro tires. Without the 8-turbo setup, the car no longer looks like a spaceship, and Kyle should now even be able to see through the windshield. But even though it looks more like a regular car now, that engine setup still looks crazy, and the massive new exhaust could play a part in that as well.

While planning the ride to the dyno, Kyle expected the car to develop at least 1,200 horsepower, noting that “If he doesn’t make more than a thousand, we should probably burn him”. Before going to the bench, he takes her out of the garage for a short drive, without abusing the throttle in any way. We’ve also learned that Kyle plans to beef up this car’s drivetrain with several billet parts, but until then he’s going with a “crossed fingers” approach to the whole.

As he arrives at AFR Autoworks for Dyno Day, he stumbles upon his old Supra, which he told us about in a previous interview. But that aside, the Mustang gets out of the truck and rides on the dyno, and expectations are high. The first try is enough to get you worked up about this thing, even if the numbers on the screen aren’t that impressive.

After 9 races, the tuner is still working on the driving aspects before the main event at Miles of Mayhem, and the screen reveals a peak output of 408 horsepower and 424 lb-ft (574 Nm), which doesn’t reveal everything. the potential of this construction. Fairly quickly, the team ran into a problem with the wiring, which could also have seriously affected the performance of the 8-turbo setup.

Further into the dyno session we can see the best output this car has had throughout the year, with 774 horsepower and 663 lb-ft (899 Nm) of torque. For the last round of the day, the Mustang developed 901 horsepower, at 22 PSI (1.51 bar). But things start to go south right after that, and a strange noise is coming from the engine bay. Upon closer inspection, they find pieces of brass lodged in the turbo, which of course has been damaged.

Kyle is now operating on a very tight schedule, as Miles of Mayhem begins this Monday. Opening the engine after the dyno session, it appears that the damage to the lower half of it was minimal. But the heads needed to be rebuilt, so the team cut very close here. If they can get to the strip for the event and manage to do a run under 10 seconds, that will be a performance in itself. In any case, we will keep you informed of the progress of this file!

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