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NASCAR Cup Series Teams Are Always Making Layout Changes For Next-Generation Cars

Significant modifications and minor adjustments to NASCAR Next Gen cars will continue on the morning of December 17, until Cup Series drivers hit the track to continue experimenting with the new technology.

During the opening race of the week in Charlotte on December 15, nearly 20 teams competed in mock pack races. The drivers lined up for 10 laps of the green flag race as the constant tinkering continues with the Next Gen cars, in hopes of replicating the type of movement performed by Kyle Busch.

NASCAR Cup Series Teams Continue Next-Generation Car Analysis at Charlotte Motor Speedway

The December 15 Race Pack provided additional data on the NASCAR Cup Series teams’ ongoing research project to find a suitable package for new cars when racing in a project. New wheel and tire combinations were also reviewed, according to

Drivers and team leaders will coordinate their efforts on December 17 to determine the correct horsepower for a 1.5 mile oval quad. On December 15, most teams used two setups over the three mini-sessions. Each segment featured a different aerodynamic and engine configuration.

The first laps were made on a 550 horsepower engine with a seven inch spoiler. The second set of laps were performed with a 670 horsepower engine with a six inch fin. The only change in the third set was to shift the spoiler to the passenger side of the machine.

Kevin Harvick said Next Gen cars need more horsepower, maybe up to 1,000.

An additional tinkering on Next Gen cars is the name of the game this offseason.

Team leaders and NASCAR drivers have a long list of work to do before Clash debut at Coliseum

Wood Brothers Racing # 21 Ford Scanned In Garage Area During NASCAR Cup Series Next Gen Testing at Charlotte Motor Speedway on November 17, 2021 in Concord, NC | Grant Halverson / Getty Images

There is still a lot of work to be done before the Next Gen cars make their competitive debut at Clash at the Coliseum on February 6 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

NASCAR officials know this. Team leaders know this. Drivers know this.

The Next Gen preseason checklist for team managers remains daunting. Every curve of the car and every part of the engine needs to be studied, rechecked and analyzed again.

To ensure that real gearboxes keep track of all modifications, NASCAR teams will study the effects of the engine panel strakes, rear diffuser skirts and splitter tampers. According to, team leaders will also examine how the new components will make it easier to ride in a pack.

For all the data collected and analyzed over the three days in North Carolina, one thing is certain: the work is just beginning.

Next Gen cars will then undergo further testing at Daytona

NASCAR announced on December 16 that fans in Daytona, Florida will have the opportunity to see Next Gen cars up close on January 11.

Daytona International Speedway, which will host the next practice session, will be free and open to the public from noon to 8 p.m. to watch practice during the first of a two-day session.

Frontstretch seats and the Fanzone area will be available for fans.

Among the changes to the next-gen cars, some teams will focus on streamlining designs. Further tests will focus on driving on larger wheels with a single lug nut, according to The Daytona Beach Newspaper.

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