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Scan your face for custom 3D printed ski goggles: Smith launches ‘Imprint’ technology

Smith claims the first-to-market technology increases comfort, removes pressure points and reduces light leakage.

Stop fidgeting and adjusting your glasses on the elevator – Smith believes in his latest innovation will help make the glasses comfortable enough to wear all day.

Launch today, 3D printing technology promises custom ski goggle frames that you’ll help design from the palm of your hand. Here’s the idea: scan your face using Smith’s smartphone app, then Smith automatically generates a custom frame. This frame is then used to assemble by hand a complete ski goggle which is delivered within 2 weeks!

The technology debuts on Smith’s I/O MAG Imprint 3D glasses with ChromaPop lenses.

Smith 3D Print Glasses

Purchasing a set of these custom glasses is a two-step process. First, head to the Smith 3D Footprint page. This is where you’ll shell out over $450 – you heard that right – and receive a “purchase code”.

You will use this purchase code in the Smith app to finalize your scan and start the process of 3D printing frames to fit your face. If you’ve never scanned your own facial contours for product development, don’t worry.

smith scan

The app walks you through the process – look right, look left, look right – and even has a practice mode. So you can try it without a purchase code. (Try not to be too scared of your own digitized twin.)

Once you scan, Smith generates a one-of-a-kind face flange mapped to the terrain of your face, then the frame is printed using HP’s Multi Jet Fusion industrial platform. Finally, the glasses are assembled by hand in the United States and delivered within 14 days.

Smith says the custom Imprint 3D technology provides the “widest possible field of vision,” eliminates excess foam, and helps reduce the need for excessive strap tension.

And the a ski mask themselves come with high-quality features, like Smith’s Magnetic Lens Change System and ‘colour and contrast boosting’ ChromaPop lenses.

Interested in knowing more? Starts with choose your strap color — black or white — and preferred lens: black, red mirror, purple mirror or green mirror. Then get a purchase code, download the app and get started!

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