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The HP Smart Tank 750 makes high-volume printing affordable

Hybrid office work has arrived and it’s a great way to gradually transition into a more dynamic post-pandemic situation. While allowing office workers to seek work-life balance, the hybrid lifestyle presents its own challenges. However, as with managing any change, the key to thriving in the hybrid age is adaptability. For success-driven office workers, that means making sure they’re “fully equipped” to deliver great work, whether they’re working from home or in the office.

For hybrid workers, a major handicap when working from home is the lack of access to a high-quality printer, especially one that can print in volume. It’s one of those things you’re not supposed to have around the house. But seriously, these days you often think about getting a desktop printer for your home. After all, having to use the printer shouldn’t be reason enough to drive to the office when you have one at home! Why, even your homeschooled high school and college kids will appreciate having such a workhorse inside the house. Now, if only there was a printer that was as reliable and affordable enough for home use.

A quick scan of the options available on the market shows that the HP Smart Tank 750 Wireless All-in-One Printer might just be what your home needs to boost your family’s hybrid lifestyle. Considering what it can do and how convenient it can bring you and the kids – not to mention the amount you save in time and gas on the commute to and from the office – you might actually consider it a bargain.

First of all, it’s an “all-in-one” which means it has you covered when it comes to print, scan and copy jobs, which in itself is already good value price quality. Now, when it comes to making professional-looking volume printing jobs, you’ll probably never want to work anywhere else except for a change of scenery.

Designed not only for home use but also for small businesses, it can print large quantities and at low cost in professional quality – up to 12,000 pages in black or up to 8,000 pages in color using the ink Original HP included with purchase (which can go for 3 years without recharging for non-intensive users).

A true workhorse, this printer was designed for ease of use with its simple mobile setup, 35-page automatic feeder, automatic two-sided printing, backlit smart buttons, and low ink and paper sensors . It also boasts of the HP Smart app which makes it easy to print from anywhere.

One feature that hybrid home workers who print a lot will surely appreciate with the HP Smart app is that you can use it to eliminate steps for repetitive tasks using customizable shortcuts.

The HP Smart Tank 750 also boasts of having faster and more reliable connections using dual-band Wi-Fi® which has self-healing capabilities – meaning it can automatically detect, shut down and recover from any malicious BIOS attack or corruption. To top it off, it also integrates HP Wolf Essential security into its system, protecting your documents and memories with critical protection against cyber threats, making IT security issues something you don’t have to worry about.

For those on a tighter budget but still want a seamless and versatile printing experience without compromising on quality, you have the choice between HP Smart Tank 720 and HP Smart Tank 670. They have most of the same features and functionality with minor variations.

In terms of sustainability, the entire HP Smart Tank 700 series is made from over 25% recycled plastic. Its ink bottles are also recyclable through HP Planet Partners, in line with the company’s vision to reduce the amount of virgin plastic used.

To learn more about how to upgrade your family’s hybrid lifestyle with the HP Smart Tank 750 Wireless All-in-One Printer, visit your nearest HP Authorized Dealer or visit HP Official Stores at lazada on and in Shopee at

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