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Why should you choose the HP Instant Ink service? Five Reasons You Can’t Ignore

Why should I sign up for the HP Instant Ink service? You may have asked yourself this question on more than one occasion, and yet you are still not entirely clear why you should choose this service. You may think you’re fine with the traditional model of buying cartridges and don’t need anything else, but the truth is that by making this decision, you’re missing out on a lot.

When you sign up for the HP Instant Ink service, you get access to benefit directly from a series of advantages which will make your life easier, help you save a lot of money on ink and also allow you to take care of the environment without effort and without having to assume any type of expense.

Sounds good, right? Well, that’s just a “snack” of what the HP Instant Ink service can do for you. Then let’s dive into these benefitsand share with you five reasons that will help you understand why you should choose the HP Instant Ink service.

1-HP Instant Ink does not oblige you to anything, you are free

HP Instant Ink is a service that operates under the subscription model, but that does not mean that there are any commitments or obligations. when you register you do not accept any type of commitment, neither permanence nor minimum quota. You retain your freedom at all times and have full control of your subscription.

This means you can switch plans at any time, without having to give explanations and online, through your account, and you can switch between any of the five available plans. On the other hand, you can also unsubscribe whenever you want if you deem it necessary, and re-subscribe as many times as you want.

With HP Instant Ink, you are free and you can control your subscription from your PC or your smartphone in a simple and fast way. You will also be able to modify such important elements as the delivery address, the printer linked to the service and the method of payment in a few seconds.

2.-You can save up to 70% on ink with HP Instant Ink

HP Instant Ink Service

With HP Instant Ink, it doesn’t matter how much ink you use, only the pages you print. This approach marks a significant difference from the traditional model of buying ink cartridges and makes it more of a hassle. You no longer have to worry about the cost of color printing and you’ll never have to pay for a pack of cartridges again.

Print a full-color, high-quality page with HP Instant Ink it will cost you the same as printing a page in black and white and low quality. You no longer have to control the cost of ink, and you can enjoy your printer the way you really want. Want to print those photos you’ve been waiting for months? Well, go ahead, with HP Instant Ink you can do that without spending ink becoming an issue.

Total with HP Instant Ink you can save up to 70% on ink. Remember that your monthly charge won’t change if one month uses more ink than another, and you’ll always have Original HP ink available to print all the pages included in your plan.

3.-HP Instant Ink adapts to you and your needs

HP Instant Ink Service

Versatility and flexibility are two of the most important advantages of HP Instant Ink. As we said at the beginning, when you sign up for this service, you do not assume any type of commitment, which means that you can stay as long as you want and you can choose the plan that suits you. best, but what if your needs change over time? Well you have nothing to fearas:

  • With HP Instant Ink, you’re not tied to a plan, you can switch plans whenever you want and as many times as you want.
  • If you upgrade to a higher plan, you can choose to have it take effect immediately, and if you upgrade to a lower plan, it will take effect from the following month.
  • You can print the pages you have in your plan as you wish, that is, you do not have to follow any type of order or distribution.

In HP Instant Ink it’s you who sets the paceand the one that chooses the number of pages you want to print each month, without complications and without having to give explanations.

4.-HP Instant Ink brings the ink home, and free shipping

HP Instant Ink Service

Convenience is another of HP Instant Ink’s greatest benefits. With this service, you will receive all the ink you need at your doorstep, and without having to pay shipping costs. Under the traditional cartridge purchase model, you have two options:

  • Research and compare prices in different stores, which will end up being very time consuming.
  • Go out and buy cartridges, wasting even more time, or order them online and, in many cases, pay shipping.

With HP Instant Ink, you forget about these tasks completely. As soon as the service is activated, the printer begins to monitor ink levels and order new cartridges automatically when it detects low levels. These new cartridges will reach you before the ones you use run out, at your doorstep and free of postage.

You’ll never run out of ink again at the worst possible time, and you’ll never have to worry about shopping for cartridges again.

5.-It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly service

HP Instant Ink Service

HP Instant Ink uses only high-capacity original ink cartridges. This type of cartridge prints more pages than normal cartridges, which allows HP to reduce the number of shipments and the consumption of resources (packaging, plastics and distance travelled). But that’s not all, 85% of Original HP ink cartridges use recycled contentwhich means they are eco-friendly from the start.

The use of high capacity cartridges reduces energy consumption by 69% and water consumption by 70%. To all this we must add, in addition, that HP Instant Ink includes a free recycling program, thanks to which you can effortlessly recycle all the cartridges you spend and contribute your grain of sand to the care of the planet.

HP Instant Ink it’s the best for your pocket, and also for the planet. Remember that to register you only need a compatible printer, an internet connection and a valid payment method.

Content courtesy of HP.

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