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Wi-Fi printer setup over USB fails with HP Smart app in Windows 11

Some users of HP printer and HP smart the app is having a problem. Their Setting up the Wi-Fi printer using USB fails with HP Smart app enabled Windows 11. In this guide, we have some fixes for the problem.

Users face the problem in two ways. One is to set up a new printer and then try to connect it using wireless setup using the USB option, the setup fails. The other is that even though the setup is completed without any issues, they are prompted to disconnect the USB while they try to print documents. These are the two issues that many HP Smart app users on Windows 11 face with their HP printer. Let’s see how to fix the problem.

Wi-Fi printer setup over USB fails with HP Smart app on Windows 11/10

The problem can be solved in the following ways:

  1. Check the network
  2. Check printer connection status
  3. Restore default network settings on the printer
  4. Re-add the printer to HP Smart

Let’s go into the details of each method.

Before tackling the fixes, simply restart your devices and try using the printer again.

1]Check the network

The first thing you should do when the setup fails or has a problem with the wireless printer is to check if the network is working properly. The computer and the printer must be connected to the same network. Also, you must enable Bluetooth on your PC for the HP Smart app to connect.

2]Check the printer connection status

The most important thing about connecting the printer wirelessly using the HP Smart app is that the printer and the PC must be connected to the same Wi-Fi connection. If your PC is connected to the Internet via an Ethernet cable, remove it.

You need to check the wireless connection status of the printer. The light next to the Wireless icon should always be on. Whenever the light is on, the printer’s wireless function is working well.

3]Restore default network settings on the printer

If you are using an HP printer with a touch screen, you can restore the default network settings in the Network Setup Where Settings then touching Restore button.

Similarly, on Inkjet, Laser NS, LaserJet, and Neverstop printers, you must press the Wireless and Cancel or Attention buttons simultaneously until the Power button flashes. Next, wait for the Wireless button to indicate that the default network settings are restored.

4]Add the printer to HP Smart again

If the issue is not yet resolved, you must re-add the printer to HP Smart by deleting the previous configuration. You need to make sure the networks are working well. After that, follow the on-screen options to set up a Wi-Fi printer using USB.

Here are the different ways that you can use to fix the wifi printer setup issue.

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Does HP Smart work with USB printers?

Yes. The HP Smart app works with USB printers with wireless printing capabilities manufactured after 2011. You can set up the printer wirelessly via USB on the HP Smart app and use it.

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Why won’t my printer connect to HP Smart?

To connect your printer to the HP Smart app, it must have wireless printing capabilities. Then it must connect to the same network as the device you are using the HP Smart app on.

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Setup of Wi-Fi printer over USB fails with HP Smart app

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