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You can now scan documents and record videos through your Chromebook’s camera

Google offers constant updates to improve the user experience on Chromebooks. Recently, there have been reports of upcoming Chromebooks with an anti-spyware feature and an update for existing Chromebooks that will allow you to briefly run apps on your phone. Now, Google allows Chromebook users to take full advantage of the in-car camera to perform various tasks like scanning documents, QR codes, etc. If you have a Chromebook, these improvements will basically make your job easier if you’re a student or attend a lot of online classes or meetings.

Scan documents and QR codes

The first new feature in the Chromebook’s camera is the ability to scan documents. While this is quite simple and could be done earlier by just taking a picture through the camera, now you can optimize scanning through the built-in camera app to make the document more readable. Users can capture a document and convert it to a scanned copy in JPG or PDF format. This feature is available whether your Chromebook only has a front-facing or rear-facing camera.

Scanning Chromebook documents

To use this feature, open the camera app and select the new To analyse fashion. This will trigger a frame that will automatically wrap around the edges of the document you want to scan. If the automatically detected edges look correct, you can save the document as is or edit the edges to your preference. the To analyse The option also allows scanning QR codes natively, which can be selected by toggling the scanning mode from Document at QR Code.

Customize camera angle

Another new feature added to the Chromebook is the ability to switch and play with different camera angles. This is only available with external cameras. If you have connected an external webcam, a new Pan-Tilt-Zoom The feature lets you control what you want to see in the frame. If your camera is too wide, you can crop or if it’s too high, you can tilt it lower. If you want to fit in more people, you can just move around and fit more elements into the frame.

Customizing the Chromebook Camera Angle

This too can be customized via the built-in camera app and your preferences will remain consistent across the different video conferencing apps you use.

Videos, self-timer, etc.

Apart from these two highlight features, there are also a few smaller additions with this new update. Users will now be able to shoot video through the default camera app using the built-in camera on the Chromebook. Again, this works through both the rear camera (if your Chromebook has one) and the front camera.

There’s also a new self-timer feature for taking selfies or group shots remotely. It works just like on any camera or smartphone. Simply set the timer for the required duration and it will take a photo when the countdown ends.

Google also announced that it’s working on another update that will let you create GIFs directly from the camera app, which sounds pretty cool. One feature that’s currently in beta but will soon be available to everyone is the ability to take photos via voice commands on Chrome OS.

Google clearly wants to improve the user experience on Chromebooks, which will give it a bigger impact in terms of laptop operating system. These extra features are something that students and professionals alike will surely benefit from. Features are rolling out with Chrome OS 96.

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