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YouTuber takes 600 HP smart car to CarMax and receives humorous offer

People often forget that most modifications to cars will never increase their value unless they are substantial. Even then, you can never expect to come close to the amount you actually paid to make it. YouTuber FasterProms decided a while ago to modify a 2009 Smart Car and equip it with a Honda K-series engine with a turbo, turning it into a ridiculous go-kart. After using it as a toy and drag car for quite a while, the YouTuber decided to see what the car was worth, and it’s a far cry from what he had invested.

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Turbo K series smart problem

On the first stage of the video, everything seems to be going well with the exit of the car. On the street, this Smart Car looks absolutely ridiculous without doors, a giant engine cage and a completely empty “dashboard”. The car sounded good and drove to the CarMax location with almost no problems. However, as soon as he was in the parking spot, it looked like the car was completely out of gas, with no E85 nearby. Once at CarMax, the little Smart attracted attention from every angle. Once inside, however, possible bodily problems began.

Taped Together isn’t so smart


The Smart as it sat has been reconstructed. With no keys, no doors, no odometers and trailing tires, and more, the car was immediately gobsmacked and had fun stuffing it. One advisor even said, “I’ve seen some crazy stuff in my years at CarMax, but this is a first.” Asked about the car’s history, FasterProms said the more questions they asked, the lower they realized the offer was going to be. After leaving the dealership, he quickly pulled over to put two gallons of 93 octane gasoline in the car and decided not to push the car too hard on the drive home.

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The car is worth much less than its parts


After waiting a few days, the appraisal value of the Smart Car has arrived. This is a car that can do a quarter mile in 9.5 seconds, as well as drift and simply put a huge smile on any driver’s face. As expected, the car’s multiple missing items had a major effect on the price of the car. After thousands of dollars had been invested, the $500 offer for the car was beyond laughable. In the end, the YouTuber decided to keep the car because it is worth much more to him and he can continue to use it for YouTube video purposes.

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